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Patent pending technology that enables agricultural hedges to produce Biomass for energy production

A profitable and timely global opportunity with outstanding environmental credentials

A manufacturing partner is now required

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Tractor cutting hedge and wasting valuable crop

Conventional Hedge Cutting Is A Costly Operation That Discards A Valuable Crop

The Opportunity

Agricultural hedges cost farmers time and money to maintain every year with zero commercial benefit.

As Biomass is becoming a popular source of fuel for energy production with a commercial value of £150-£200 per ton there has never been a better time to start to view agricultural hedges as a commercial asset capable of producing an annual crop just like hay or wheat.

HEJ Harvester is an opportunity for a machinery manufacturer to utilise our technology to manufacture & sell a new concept in hedge cutting machinery that is an outstanding global commercial opportunity with superb environmental credentials.

The Solution

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Step 1

Cut & Harvest

Farmers or agricultural contractors would purchase and use the new Hej Harvester instead of a conventional flail hedge cutter and rather than the crop being discarded a Biomass crop is produced and collected in the hopper mounted on the tractor.
Hej Harvester - Cut & Harvest
Step 2

Empty Hopper

When the hopper is full the tractor empties the contents into an agricultural trailer which is based at the field entrance or locally to the tractor.
Step 3

Capitalise On Your Crop

When the trailer is full this is then taken to a collection facility where it can be burnt on farm to produce energy or stored and sold onto commercial energy producers.

What's Next?

The design for the cutting head is patent pending and Hej Harvester and Hej Fuel Trademarks are registered together with all relevant domain names
A manufacturing partner is now required with global routes to market to capitalise on this outstanding and timely commercial opportunity
Jim George
Jim George (right) seen here with his brother Richard with another product they have co-developed: Postsaver.

Meet The Founder

Jim George (right) has had over 30 years experience in product innovation and commercialisation of ideas and has seen this opportunity coming for some years. 

With the HEJ Harvester Jim has developed an all new design for a cutter head and collection system that enables hedges to be harvested quickly and efficiently producing valuable Biomass.

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Hej Harvester Logo
HEJ Harvester is an opportunity for a machinery manufacturer to manufacture & sell a new piece of profitable machinery with outstanding environmental credentials.
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